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Receive nurtured, exclusive high-intent, real-time leads right in your inbox.

Stop wasting time calling cold internet leads and start spending your time with high-intent, pre-nurtured, exclusive live leads!

(Lead Genie leads are delivered in real time once intent is shown, not delivered in massive lists like other lead providers)

$2,100.00 / year

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What's Makes Lead Genie Different Than Every Other Lead Provder?

Lead Genie Leads:

    • Are pre nurtured by your personalized Lead Genie System(Included with your leads!) so that they are familiar with you before you call.
    • Are “high-intent” leads, meaning they’ve taken an action via emails or your custom website(Included with your leads!) before being delivered to you as a lead.
    • Are delivered in real time upon taking an action in your system, meaning you can call them instantly instead of days or weeks like a typical internet lead.

Common Questions About Lead Genie

Your Lead Genie Leads are delivered to you via a custom CRM that is connected to your Lead Genie System. You can also receive them in your email or ALM.

Using a Lead Genie System that is custom built for you, we are able to nurture contacts and rank leads based on actions they take in your emails and on your website(included), then we deliver the highest intent leads to you in real time in both your email and your Lead Genie CRM. No more calling 1000 people from an excel sheet, we only focus on the highest intent contacts.

All leads include emails address, most leads include phone number, and for those without a phone number, the Lead Genie System will work to gather as much information as it can on a high intent prospect.

When you purchase Lead Genie Leads, you are also getting access to the entire Lead Genie System. So yes, we can run all of your contacts through the system as well.

Any lead will work with Lead Genie — as long as basic information is collected such as email and phone number. As with any lead, it should be relevant to your industry and/or type of insurance you sell.

Yes! We have worked with the top producing agents in the country to replicate their entire sales & follow up process and put it on autopilot for you! You’ll see higher conversion rates and more booked business because of the efficiency and the effectiveness of the Lead Genie system.

We do! You can sign up to become a referral here and earn a 15% recurring commission on everyone you refer!

The Most Innovative Lead Generation & Automation System The Insurance Industry Has Ever Seen. Get Lead Genie Now!

Fully Customized Turn Key Solution

98% of insurance agents are marketing to get new leads. 86% of insurance agents are purchasing internet leads yet only 11% of insurance agents are using a lead management system or CRM. When asked, agents indicated they don't have a system in place because it's either too expensive, complicated, or too time consuming to implement into their agency. Our system is a true TURN KEY solution that is FULLY customized, and integrated into your agency by our team with NO SET UP or TRAINING NEEDED BY YOU.

Lead Generation, Lead Management & CRM

With Lead Genie your team spends less time prospecting and more time closing. Most agents waste 70% of their day calling prospects that aren't interested in the first place. Lead Genie does most of the prospecting for your team on auto-pilot, and cultivating the contacts until the prospects are ready to buy! Our system will identify every sales opportunity and notify your team in real time. Every sales opportunity is automatically placed into the CRM for sales tracking & forecasting. Our system gets your team OFF COLD CALLS and ON CLOSING CALLS with HOT LEADS!

Marketing Automation and Re-targeting

Lead Genie tracks every interaction the contacts / leads have with the platform and automatically tags or segments the prospects based on those interactions. The system is fully integrated with Facebook & Google in order to build hyper-targeted custom audiences to deliver high quality re-targeting campaigns. Lead Genie also has lead a scoring matrix that scores each lead based on their probability of closing, giving your team insights on which leads to call and when to call them. There is no system in the industry this robust!