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With the Webbe Insurance Platform, you get everything you need to generate, nurture, and grow your business online.

Use a proven system to get more leads, quote requests, and new business….while doing less cold calling, prospecting, and marketing you can’t track… no extra staff required!

Systems that help me maximize my efforts and the efforts of my team are what has made me successful in this business” – Top Performing Agent

Here’s the problem you face… 

You pay good money for internet leads, spend your own and your staffs valuable time trying to get ahold of them, and when you do, they don’t know who you are or why you’re calling, leading to bad close rates and a bad experience.

Frustrated, you naturally blame it on bad leads and bad lead providers because on the surface that seems to be what the problem is…

And it gets WORSE because of comp plan changes and commission structures, closing new business is now more important than ever before…

Which means you’ve had no choice but to suffer through the frustration of internet leads and having so much time and opportunity wasted…

What if we told you that by working with over 1800 agents, we could prove to you it is in fact NOT because of bad leads and bad lead providers and that selling to internet leads is not only POSSIBLE, but that it DOESN’T need to be PAINFUL?

What if we told you that consistently closing leads from these lead providers is not only possible but not actually that difficult?…

You’d be interested right?

Of course!

So What is Lead Genie?

It is NOT just another CRM – though it will help you track all your leads, quote requests, and opportunities in real time

It is NOT just another set of sales scripts for you to copy and paste – though it is filled with emails, messages, and sales scripts that are proven to increase conversions 

It is NOT just another marketing system requiring you to set up and maintain everything – though it will serve as a primary marketing tool for your team

It is NOT just another internet lead provider causing you frustration – though it does generate REAL sales opportunities and quote requests for you daily.

Lead Genie is the ultimate addition to your staff

Lead Genie becomes a member of your team that works 24 hours, 7 days a week, never calls in sick, and never misses an opportunity…

But that’s not all…

Lead Genie is like hiring a team member that has experience working with over 1800 agents, taken everything they’ve learned and put it all into a proven and replicable system that can be used with all your leads over and over again…

So How Does Lead Genie Actually Work?

Lead Genie is a service in which we provide to you…basically Lead Genie becomes a member of your team.

Using both your existing database, any new databases, or leads you acquire, we input them into your custom and personalized Lead Genie system and then we release a series of tested and proven emails and messages that help turn a cold internet lead into a REAL sales opportunity or a REAL quote request…

Meanwhile, all of this is tracked and easily displayed for you inside of a CRM so that ALL you have to do is simply call a lead as soon as they’ve shown interest and work to close the business. 

The Lead Genie System Includes:

    • Fully customized website – so that you can directly receive quote requests which means less cold calling
    • Fully customized CRM & SALES PIPELINE so that can easily track opportunities, quote requests, deliveries, and x-dates which means you’ll never miss a sale.
    • Tested and Proven Prospecting Automations so that you can capitalize from our experience working with over 1800 agents both independent and captive.
    • Automated Email Marketing (turn-key) so that you can spend less time copy and pasting and more time selling.
    • Automated SMS Campaigns (included, but optional) so that you can reach people where they’re at.
    • Integrated site tracking so that you can see how leads are interacting with your website(included in the system) and when is a good time to call them!

Want to see inside a Lead Genie System? Watch a demo below!

View A Lead Genie Demo Below!

But Even More Importantly, Why Does Lead Genie Work?

See…warming up a database of leads takes time….

Imagine this…

You’re standing in line at Wal-Mart and you turn around to the person in line behind you and ask them if they would like a quote…

What do you think they would say?

A better question is…

What would you SAY?


Then WHY do you expect your leads to say YES to you when you cold call them without doing ANYTHING to warm them up…

This is WHY you MUST give leads time to go through a process and let them show interest in YOU before wasting your time cold calling people who’ve never met you or heard of you. 

With Lead Genie, we are able to warm up a database of leads, alert you on when they are showing interest, and push the best ones to the top for you to spend your time calling those who are the most likely to want a QUOTE.

This is why Lead Genie is works…

Imagine hiring an entire staff that made consistent contact with your entire database, kept track of whether or not they engaged with your emails, your website and your offers, and alerted you whenever they were ready to receive a quote…

Imagine HOW many people you’d have to hire to accomplish that….

Now imagine paying less than $20 a day for that entire staff that works 24 hours 7 days a week, taking no breaks, no sick days, and never missing an opportunity…

You would be OUT OF YOUR MIND to not hire that staff!

Lead Genie is that staff!

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It,
View Some Real Examples!

We currently work with all types agents…
both Independent and Captive

So How Do You Get Started?

We’ve made joining Lead Genie a simple process because we manage everything for you!

  1. Select your tier based on how many contacts you have in your current database. If you need instructions on how to pull your database or want help purchasing a database of leads, submit this form and we are happy to help!
  2. After signing up, you’ll receive an email requesting you to fill out a simple form that will give us the information needed to begin building your system.
  3. Once we receive your form, we will begin building your custom website and custom Lead Genie System, which will be done within 72 hours of the form submission.
  4. Once your setup is complete, you will have a kick off call with one of our onboarding specialists and they will walk you through your Lead Genie System and answer any questions you may have.
  5. Once your onboarding call is complete, we will then upload your first set of contacts into your system and you will be all ready to go!

So what does the next 90 days with Lead Genie look like?

So you’ve purchased Lead Genie, your contacts have been uploaded and the prospecting is taking place…now what?

While the Lead Genie System does it’s job nurturing your contacts, your Lead Genie pipeline will gradually fill up with sales opportunities and quote requests over the next 90 days!

As your list of contacts receive the communications from the Lead Genie System, they will be doing things like interacting with your emails, visiting your website, and even submitting quote requests. When these actions take place, it is logged in your Lead Genie CRM, where you will know exactly who you should be calling based on the actions they’ve taken.

The important question is... if you could hire a staff to do everything Lead Genie provides and only had to pay them less than $1 an hour, would you do it?

So Here's What You Get With Lead Genie

Lead Genie is a 100% complete turn-key system made specifically for Insurance Agents. When you sign up with Lead Genie, you are signing up for a complete marketing system that will convert more leads and more opportunities!

And for a limited time only…GET 250 FREE LEADS ON US!

Get Started with Lead Genie!

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Common Questions About Lead Genie

Lead Genie gives you everything you need to start turning your leads into closed sales opportunities. Through a fully managed service, Lead Genie provides a custom website, a CRM and fully-configured marketing automation workflows that have been tried and proven to get results.

While we provide the tools you need to turn leads into sales opportunities, Lead Genie is a fully managed solution. We’ve taken years of experience working with thousands of Insurance Agents to create and hone the perfect follow-up workflows that turn any lead into actual sales opportunities. As part of the managed solution, we build you a fully custom website, give you access to the marketing automation suite where we work our magic, and also a fully-functional CRM to track all your sales opportunities. The only thing you have to do is close new business.

An automated workflow is a set of steps designed specifically to get a lead to take the steps you need them to take; which for you is to become a new policyholder. You can watch a complete demo of the system here.

Any lead will work with Lead Genie — as long as basic information is collected such as email and phone number. As with any lead, it should be relevant to your industry and/or type of insurance you sell.

We’ve had agents close business on leads that were in their database from over 4 years ago! That’s part of the magic of the Lead Genie system. Through it’s proven follow up methods, it is able to convert leads any human agent would’ve given up on years ago!

To get started with Lead Genie, click Get Started, select the amount of contacts you currently have in your database, select the website template you like best, then let the Genie work his magic! All we need from you is your list of contacts and some general information for your website. You will receive an email after purchase that collects this information.

Yes! We have worked with the top producing agents in the country to replicate their entire sales & follow up process and put it on autopilot for you! You’ll see higher conversion rates and more booked business because of the efficiency and the effectiveness of the Lead Genie system.

We do! You can sign up to become a referral here and earn a 15% recurring commission on everyone you refer!